This dog will have the last word - expect surprises

Dogfire embarks on becoming a powerful meme like its family members.

The Mission

Its mission is to eradicate all those frogs that have invaded us and created disorder and disputes within our family Doge, Shiba, Floki and Babydoge.

This clever little dog named Dogfire has decided to create a deflationary token whose sole purpose is to diminish his supply forever and restore its family’s reputation.

Burn & Earn

We prioritize burning our tokens by 0.25% each day that will come out of the total supply until we reach the 50% planned in our roadmap.

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Get Rewards

We also reward our army and our community TO ENCOURAGE LONG-TERM COMMITMENT.

Auto LP

The liquidity pool will only be growing due to the contract automatically adding more LP to the pair.

No more frogs

Dogfire has made it their noble duty to get rid of the frog community and restore peace within the meme coin ecosystem.

Deflationary Dogfire

With an unwavering determination, Dogfire has created a unique deflationary token, making its supply disappear into thin air. This strategic move aims to burn away all obstacles that tarnish the impeccable reputation of Doge and its meme coin relatives. By doing so, Dogfire will reclaim its family’s glory and solidify his place in the meme coin kingdom.

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Stay tuned for regular updates on Dogfire’s progress as it fights against the frogs and defends its family’s honor. Together, we can witness the rise of Dogfire as an unstoppable force in the world of meme coins.

No more frogs

Let's restore the meme community

Join us in supporting Dogfire’s mission to eradicate all frogs and bring harmony back to the meme coin realm. Together, let’s burn the chaos away and write a new chapter in the history of meme coins.

1️⃣ Download the official ” Trust Wallet ” app via Play Store and App Store

2️⃣ Create a wallet

3️⃣ Buy from your wallet with a BNB credit card or transfer bnb to your wallet from a centralized exchange

4️⃣ Connect your ” trust wallet ” to pancakeswapp here 👇👇👇

5️⃣ Set the slippage to 7% then enter the amount you wish to invest and validate your transaction

6️⃣ Next, to display your tokens on your wallet, add the Dogfire token smart contract

🔸 If you still haven’t managed to buy Dogfire, join us by telegram our team will guide you through your process

Dogfire roadmap

The adventure begins here, woof ! woof !

Phase 1

-Fair Launch
- Burn everyday 0.25% to supply
- Rewards 1 community 0,50% supply
- Update bscscan , Cmc ,cg , dextool ,poocoin,Avedex
- marketing campaign

Phase 2

- Burn everyday 0.25% to supply
- Platform Dashboard burns
- Rewards 2 community 0.50% supply
- Collection limited NFT opensea
- Platform Staking (rewards usdt)
- massive marketing campaign
- Website 2.0

Phase 3

- Burn 50% supply total (21B burn)
- Contract renounced
- Tax 1% buy/sell burn
- Audit certik
- Rewards 3 community 0,50% supply
- Power launch cex listing
- Big partnership (surprised)

Our Partners


⁃50% burn
⁃5%  cex
⁃1,5 % rewards community 
⁃1% development 
⁃2,5 % marketing & partnership
⁃3% team 
⁃16% liquidity pancake 
⁃21% presale
⁃Name: Dogfire  
⁃Symbol: DGF
⁃Supply: 42B
⁃Chain: Binance Smart Chain
⁃Tax: 5% For LIQUIDITY 
Presale: Fair Launch

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